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SHE-E-O Episode 6: What's up with the grapefruit?





Hey all you beautiful peeps,

It's me again (the large gal behind the camera), and it looks like I'll be sending these lil' messages out to you on Fridays from time to time when Miki's busy She-E-O-ing (taboos don't smash themselves, amirite?). Can I get a "whoop" or a "yaaas"?! 

So, uh, we're actually on a team retreat in a crazy kind-of-like-The-Real-World-style house rn up in the Hudson Valley, and we're about to go, like, run into a river?? I know--holy sh*t we're alive!!! But actually, all this team celebratin' has inspired this week's episode, all about how THINX has grown into a successful brand. Subway ads, anyone?!

But more importantly, it's Friday and we should all go celebrate the fact that we made it through the week, so.... BYE!

Until next time. Or "XOXO" as they say (lol, I don't think I can pull that off).

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