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SHE-E-O Episode 10: THINX Taboo Tour

Hey all! 

Writing from the road! 

Kicked off our THINX Taboo Tour powered by Lululemon in New York City a little over a week ago (was fire!!), then traveled to Chicago for an intimate conversation this week (felt like a girls sleepover in a cool fancy mom's space!) and now en route to Vancouver (who doesn't love Canada eh?), before heading to LA and SF early next week to finish off the tour...just in time for Burning Man! Yay!! (And phew! What a whirlwind!) 

Thus far this tour has been SO eye opening to have these open conversations about the things that "we're not supposed to talk about" - ie. taboos around periods, pee, poop, transgender rights, sex, self-help, breast and ovarian health and everything in between. The rooms were electrified and the feeling of liberation was felt! 



The goal of this Taboo Tour is for these conversations to hopefully catalyze other conversations to happen between those who attended and their extended friends and families. The only way to break taboos is to elevate these convos which just means TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT SHAME amirite?!


One of my biggest takeaways came from Sawyer, our trans panelist and THINX model who talked about how clear the difference was in the way he was treated when he was a woman vs a man...he is the same exact human and yet "society" viewed him and judged him differently simply by being different genders. I never thought about what that must have been like for him. To receive society's gaze so differently with the same soul, you know? 

He said that when he was a woman, more people felt like they could ask "her" anything and question "her" but when he became a man, nobody questioned him anymore. Except for calling him a "faggot". How kind. Three of his trans friends committed suicide because they couldn't deal with society's treatment of them anymore. 


Having these human conversations are critical in moving the needle forward in our individual levels of empathy and equally important for the growth of our greater collective consciousness - these seemingly "simple" or "small" convos  can truly be the driving force to improving the world...


So you must be thinking "wait, so we can actually be the change we wanna see in the world? And that's not just a pithy one liner?" And I'm saying YES! we can each make such a difference! We realllllly reallllly can! 


Which leads me to this: 

I am going away for the next 2 weeks - I will be off the grid at the Burn (officially attempting for the first time to conceive a child there so send good vibes pls!!) and I am asking that during these next two weeks, please try and make a point of inviting your friends over for dinner and having "taboo conversations"! Pls bring up stuff you are dying to understand and face and do it without judgment, that's the most important thing. 


I'd love love love love to hear how they went so please share with me/us by responding to this email, I will get them personally.


So once I am back after Labor Day, we will be moving these videos to bi-weekly so the format will be as follows:


The videos will alternate from week to week where the first week will be a critical lesson learned while growing THINX as the SHE-EO  and the next video will be a controversial conversation that I will have with other people who have different viewpoints than me and have existed in a completely different way than me or has a story to tell that i want to understand and get to the bottom of ...with the goal of building a bridge of understanding with everyone. I promise that you will gain some insight that you may not have known and really wanted to "get"- and ya also might have a good time watching it! 


So, I'll see you on the other side...and I really do look forward to coming back with my inbox full of amazing stories that you have shared with me about your experiences having these taboo convos with your friends and loved ones...


Till soon xoxo


Psst, here are some more pics from our time on the road so far!


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