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MTV Cribs--err--THINXTV Pads (SHE-E-O, Episode 04)

Hey! I'm Leigha, and I was referred to as the Video Maven today in the office so I'm gonna go ahead and live it up with that title (sounds p fresh for LinkedIn amirite?).
​Anywho, I'm the Producer of our current series, SHE-E-O, so basically I'm the tall gal behind the camera that you'll either hear laughing, shouting out ridiculous things to Miki, or most likely asking if there will be snacks at our next stop. As you know (or maybe you don't, it's... cool) this series is all about showing what it's actually like to be a new age SHE-E-O, which means no rules. And no rules means we're going to try and do some cool shit (like Miki's book. Do Cool Sh*t. #plug). 

So, this week we decided it was time to get weird and we went with a lil' MTV throwback to what some might remember as CRIBS but what we now like to refer to as PADS (har har, we're gr8). You'll get a lil' peek into Miki's home, including her...really lush fridge. Who knows?! Maybe next week we'll even have a Pimp my... Pussy? Okay, no, I'm done. Let's all go away and enjoy the weekend!

- Leigha
P.S. This episode is super light hearted and fun but we are also 100% aware, frustrated, in mourning, and heavyhearted re: everything that's gone on this week (and this year, this decade, this life) - Alton Sterling, Philandro Castile, Dallas, and, and, and. Find some thoughts and pieces we've either written or are just worth checking out hereherehere, and here. #BlackLivesMatter.

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