A Message From our THINX SHE-EO About the Election

Dear THINX family,Well that sure didn't go as planned... As we waited with champagne bottles ready to be popped along with the glass ceiling, the unthinkable happened. The last couple of days have been a haze, sleeping very little, as...

SHE-E-O Episode 10: THINX Taboo Tour

Hey all!  Writing from the road!  Kicked off our THINX Taboo Tour powered by Lululemon in New York City a little over a week ago (was fire!!), then traveled to Chicago for an intimate conversation this week (felt like a...

SHE-E-O Episode 9: Welcome To The Undieworld

Episode 9: Welcome To The Undieworld (AKA, A Look Into Team THINX) Oh hey it's me again, Yes--the camera gal, and yes we have another video to share with you. Because we've all kind-of-maybe survived yet another week on the...

SHE-E-O Episode 8: You Are The Average of The Five Closest Friends You Keep

Episode 8: Meet (some of) the Friend Crew! AKA You Are the Average Of the 5 Closest Friends You Keep.  Hey everyone, it's uh, the camera gal again with another, 'heck yeah we've almost made it through Friday' announcement! I've...


      Woah. What a weekend.  I can't believe that just last year our team retreat had 12 people (of which three were interns) and this year we had 32 team members take part.  It was one of those...

SHE-E-O Episode 6: What's up with the grapefruit?

        Hey all you beautiful peeps, It's me again (the large gal behind the camera), and it looks like I'll be sending these lil' messages out to you on Fridays from time to time when Miki's busy She-E-O-ing (taboos don't...

SHE-E-O VOL. 5- It's been a week, folks!

  Heyo -  So this is what my calendar looked like for this week.  Barely had time to number one, let alone number two. But that's cool because I'm in the business of both (had to).  Also my body is...

MTV Cribs--err--THINXTV Pads (SHE-E-O, Episode 04)

Hey! I'm Leigha, and I was referred to as the Video Maven today in the office so I'm gonna go ahead and live it up with that title (sounds p fresh for LinkedIn amirite?). ​Anywho, I'm the Producer of our current...

SHE-E-O, Episode 03: Getting Period Blood on the White House

July 1, 2016 Happy #CanadaDay to mah peoples back home! (I’m from Montreal FYI)... Another whirlwind week (and wait, can we talk about how it’s already July?! WTF!)   The most exciting parts of this week? 1. Over the weekend...

SHE-E-O Episode 02: Think Tanks, Morning Shows, and Talks, Oh My!

       Wow! What a week! I’ll try and summarize all of my learnings in bullet point format so we can all retain this info together (somehow, ‘cause it’s a lot!). I went to the Global Opportunities Think Tank...

My Trip To The First Ever “United State of Women” Summit

Written by Miki Agrawal 5,000 women (and a few men) gathered in Washington DC yesterday for the United State of Women Summit. President Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Vice President Biden, Warren Buffet, Amy Poehler, Patricia Arquette, Kerry Washington, including mah...


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