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At the Panel for Female Filmmakers hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival, Patricia Arquette claimed her Oscar acceptance speech about equal pay has resulted in her losing film roles. Blah.

Arquette won the Oscar for Best supporting Actress for the film Boyhood in 2015. In her acceptance speech, she said that “It’s our time to have wage equality, once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

While Arquette does have future projects lined up, she was quoted at the panel as saying that executives for potential film projects were “dumb enough to say something that made it clear.”

Arquette went on to describe several past experiences where it was obvious she was making less than her male counterparts. “They would be very clear about that, sometimes, when they would make offers to you: ‘Well, they’re paying the guy, so they don’t have any money’ – they would say things like that.” She knew the her speech would be controversial but was prepared for any backlash as long as she was sharing her experiences. 

All that said, we wonder if maybe any of this was actually backlash from the fact that her speech was un poquito feminista BLANCO - that's white feminist... thoughts?



 Scarlett Johansson has been cast as the lead in the remake of the famous Japanese anime film & major franchise, Ghost in the Shell. The first photo of Johanssen as character Major Kusanagi (now allegedly just called “Major”, but this is not confirmed)  and the overall media reception has been critical and concerned. (Um, yeah.)

Johannsen, a white actress, is playing what has always been a Japanese woman, and has been a subject of controversy since the initial casting announcement. A petition asking for the film producers to reconsider the casting was released in January of 2015, and Asian actress Constance Wu was one of the many Asian performers who expressed their disappoint and concern in the casting. The film is set to be released in 2017 and is starring the aforementioned Johansson and  Michael Pitt. Hmmm.

What are your thoughts, readers & bleeders? Will you be seeing this film despite it’s whitewashing controversies?



Image: Knocked Up, Universal Pictures 2007



Shortly after the success of the 2007 Seth Rogen stoner-romantic-comedy, Knocked Up, star Katherine Heigl shared a few negative insights  in Vanity Fair. “It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys,” she said back then. “It was hard for me to love the movie.” She also classified the film as “a little sexist.”

Heigl received backlash and a cold shoulder from her counterpart Seth Rogen, and is now clarifying her statements almost a decade later.

On The Howard Stern Show, she said “I liked the movie a lot, I just didn't like me," Heigl said, referring to her character, Alison Scott. "She was so judgmental and kind of uptight and controlling." Heigl also made clear that she never gave a personal apology to anyone from the film, including Seth Rogen and the film's director, Judd Apatow, and wishes she had. "I absolutely owe anybody an apology who I unwittingly offended or disrespected," she said.

What do you all think, THINX community? Were Heigl’s initial comments about the film correct or unwarranted?

Broad City, Comedy Central



 Warning, spoilers ahead!

Last night was the finale of Broad City (go watch go watch go watch) and our favorite frazzled heroines Abbi and Ilana find themselves stuck in a situation that I have been in. That perhaps you have been in. That I KNOW at least one or two of your friend have been in! Abby was stuck on a plane when her period started- and she didn’t have a pad or tampon. A classic “Nooooo!!!!” moment that the pals have no option but to fix.

The hilarity that ensued was based around Abbi and Ilana trying to score a valuable tampon, and the whole time I was thinking “THEY NEED THINX! MY SWEET ABBI JACOBSEN NEEDS A HIPHUGGER WITH A MENSTRUAL CUP OR TAMPON FOR BACKUP!” Throughout the episode, the flight attendants (brilliantly played by Tymberlee Hill and Tracee Ellis Ross) start to have a suspicion that our tampon hunters may be, in fact, terrorists. Ruh-roh! Our girls end up being tackled, detained, and sent home after the whole fiasco (and never make it to “Birthmark”, noo!) This all made for a memorable finale and first-class (hehehe) entertainment, but Abb and Illana could have totally avoided all the trouble if they had been equipped with some handy dandy THINX. (And if either of you see this, please call me and I’ll hook you up/maybe be your best friend if that’s cool?)

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