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Yep, it's true.
Period woes have met their match.
Our award-winning, patented technology
keeps you clean, dry, and, as always, lookin’ fly.

Thinx Quadtech Diagram
1. moisture-wicking

Keeps you feeling dry even when you’ve had a spill.

2. Anti-microbial

Fights bacteria with an invisible silver treatment.

3. Absorbent

Holds up to two tampons’ worth of liquid, depending on the style.

4. leak-resistant

Even your whitest white pants are safe.


Do these replace tampons and pads?

How it works

THINX definitely eliminates the need for panty liners, and will make a great back up to your tampon or menstrual cup. Some do choose to wear THINX on its own, but no one knows your flow better than you, so you’ll be the best judge of what works!

How it works

Well, every pair of THINX has a top layer that wicks all liquid into the über thin absorption layer right beneath it, so that you feel super dry. This way, you can wear 'em all day long (i.e., no, you don't have to change them during the day, no, they don't feel like diapers, and no, it's not like sitting in your own blood). Boom.

How it works

"I start wearing my THINX when I think I'm getting close to starting… My first day or so is pretty light, so I'll wear them on those days with nothing else. Then once it gets heavier, I wear a tampon and THINX, but that's usually only a couple days, then for the last few days that are light, I do just THINX again."
- Erica S.


Thinx Fabric & Care rinse first
Thinx Fabric & Care cold wash
Thinx Fabric & Care no fabricsoftner
Thinx Fabric & Care hang dry

A pair for every period

Each style has varying levels of absorbency and areas of protection, shown below in blue.

Heavy days tampon  tampon holds up to 2
tampons worth


Medium days tampon tampon holds up to 1½
tampon’s worth


Light days tampon holds up to 1
tampon’s worth


Lightest days tampon holds up to ½
tampon’s worth

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